Disclaimer: This is a rant. Read at your own peril. But you are welcome to leave criticisms and dispute any or all of my statements.

Imagine claiming you’re an educated, then proceeding to believe every lie fed by some random conspiracy theorists on Facebook.

Today in Myanmar, the many self-proclaimed educated youths have strayed from the main focal point of the protest ever since one big lie started circulating among social media feeds — that is UN & US armed intervention.

The people — both youths and elders alike — started asking for armed intervention under every post on Facebook…

When asked for their plan if foreign intervention never came, the youths and the elders alike will tell you that they just won’t give up and that they will fight till the end. But the reality is not that forgiving. Burmese people have shown extraordinary courage by taking to the streets in defiance of potential life-loss warning, enough to instill fear in the terrorists. However there’s no plan B. The people as a collective lack an action plan. Sooner or later we’re gonna burn out from all the outrage no matter how hot our passions are burning right now. So…


Bippity Bop.

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